Endorsements for Loving by Leading

Endorsements by Professionals

“Loving by Leading is a must volume for every parent and parent-to-be, written to sit beside their favorite reading chair and not just adorn a bookshelf. Designed to be read and referenced frequently, it is the best guide to successful child rearing I’ve encountered in my more than 40 years as a Pediatrician. As it moves parents to a leading and loving relationship with their children it also provides abundant advice on problem solving. Consulting the book feels much like a face-to-face visit with your child’s physician. It’s warm and familiar, never preachy, or authoritarian (well defined in the book and something a parent shouldn’t be). Loving by Leading is a parenting book I’ll strongly recommend, as I do now, and for years to come.”

Joseph R. Zanga, MD, FAAP, FCP
Past Pediatric Department Chair, Loyola Chicago Stritch School of Medicine and Assistant Dean, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University
Former President, American Academy of Pediatrics
Former President, American College of Pediatricians

“This is the best book on child rearing I’ve ever read. It is full of wisdom and practical advice. I highly recommend it. I’ve reviewed hundreds of books but none better than this. It will help you understand children and provide practical advice that will change their lives and their future. If you have children under 10 years of age, buy it. If your children are married, buy it for them for your grandchildren’s sake. I can’t think of a better or longer lasting investment that will pay such rich dividends.”

David Stevens, MD, M.A. (Ethics)
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Medical & Dental Associations

“In my career, I’ve cared for thousands of young families. I’ve found that almost all new parents want to be great parents. But most of them didn’t have a clue how. When it comes to raising children, there are as many opinions and so-called parenting experts as there are kids. How can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to successful and fruitful child rearing? It’s simple, buy and devour Dr. Trumbull’s book,  Loving by Leading: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy and Responsible Children. It would be hard to find a better guide!”

Walt Larimore, MD
Family Physician
Best-Selling author of God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Child

“In a day when much parenting advice restricts what parents should do, Dr. Den Trumbull uses his 30 years of pediatric experience to expand the options for 21st-century parents, clarifying how and when to use each tool in the parent’s toolbox to lead their child to develop their own character and competence. It all starts with foundations of a positive parent-child relationship and appropriate sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Dr. Trumbull’s approach to discipline balances instruction, affirmation, and correction, appropriately preferring the first two, but using negative consequences when needed to train age-appropriate self-control. His approach will help parents of young children develop an authoritative style that will pay off big time in the teenage years and beyond. Conveniently, the book’s design allows parents to pick and choose the guidance that best fits their particular child and situation from Dr. Trumbull’s detailed advice acquired from years of experience as a parent and a pediatrician.”

Robert E. Larzelere, Ph.D.
Endowed Professor of Parenting
Oklahoma State University

“Regardless of historical and cultural differences, effective parenting holds the same principles. One fundamental role of parents is being a leader. Dr. Trumbull convincingly forwards a clear framework to guide parents to play this vital and challenging role. This informative book provides a systematical and practical plan for parenting children from birth to preteen. As a developmental psychologist and parent training practitioner, I particularly agree with Dr. Trumbull’s approach to discipline in a loving and firm way, which is key feature of any successful leader. Dr. Trumbull’s long-time clinical experience makes his suggestions especially helpful for parents.”

Tao Wang, EdD
Associate Professor of Education
Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences

The University of Tulsa

“As a life-long educator with almost four decades of experience teaching and leading students and families, I have observed many parenting philosophies, styles and strategies.  I have concluded that common sense parenting is not very common.  The vast majority of today’s parents want to parent well, yet lack the fundamental knowledge and timeless wisdom that equips and empowers them to be effective.   Dr. Den Trumbull has written a clear and practical guidebook that anyone desiring to be a better parent will find enlightening and instructive.  Loving by Leading should be on every parent’s nightstand or bookshelf as a primary reference when parenting questions and challenges arise.  Thank you, Dr. Trumbull, for encouraging parents to “prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.”

Bill McGee, Head of School
Legacy Christian Academy
Frisco, Texas