Welcome to offers information and guidance to parents of children from birth to adulthood. Our goal is to help you lead your child to good health, high achievement, and genuine happiness. We promote child-rearing advice that is time-tested and rooted in the research-proven, Authoritative Parenting style. This approach balances the correction of the child with affirmation and stands in contrast to the extreme approaches of the Authoritarian (harsh, unreasonable correction with little affirmation), Permissive (too little correction) and Unengaged (uninvolved, neglectful) styles. encourages you to take the lead in guiding your child, rather than just following or indulging your child to make him or her “happy,” or to simply “keep the peace.” This approach will require significant preparation, devotion and determination on your part, but the rewards will be great for you and your child. Good parents are always willing to place the needs of their children above their own wants or conveniences.

The content of is based on parenting research, over twenty-five years of pediatric experience, and my wife’s and my experience with our five children. I think you will find the GoodParent approach to be practical and productive. Invest yourself in this noble process and your efforts will yield much fruit for years to come!  Get started today.

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Den A. Trumbull, MD, FCP

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